about me

I began working professionally online for a local cybersecurity company in 2019 to build and support their website in WordPress, and I’ve since started working for an agency and expanding my skills so that I can make anything possible for my clients. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different programs, and once I started working online I realized how much of that could be implemented in my services, giving me the ability to use my curiosity to help others as well!

In the past three years, I’ve worked with a variety of business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, service providers, and content creators. I aim to serve potential clients who are looking to build their team, scale their business, manage a launch, or just hire a helping hand to handle all the steps necessary for running operations as smoothly as possible. I can offer support in website or funnel design and management, tech automation & integration, CRM migration, troubleshooting, and much more depending on your needs.

My favorite part of working online has been the ability to contribute to the success of my clients, and being given the pleasure of collaborating with so many people of different backgrounds and talents. If you’d like to work together please reach out, I’d love to get to know you!


“They are highly practical and prolific achievers. They tend to be multitalented and often become accomplished in many areas. They are versatile and resourceful generalists who are often highly creative and productive, able to cross-fertilize their interests, skills and talents from many diverse areas.” — russel rowe


“ISFJs absorb and enjoy using a large number of facts. With great memories for details, they are patient with the follow-through phase of tasks. Because they have a strong work ethic, they accept responsibility for things that need to be done, if they can see that their actions will actually help, and they are painstakingly accurate and systematic in handling tasks.”barbara barron-tieger

KOLBE: 8-6-2-5

Excellent in situations that require strategic organization of information, and able to set priorities and put them into appropriate sequences. Approaches problem solving by figuring out the background and steps necessary to solve it.